Ensemble Leporello - Miss Wifi en Koebrev

Today is the day to pay a visit to Miss Wifi's laboratory. She is the head of an institute. She likes to carry out experiments. We can see the tests and experiments based on the 4 elements: earth, water, fire and air. Miss Wifi wants to be the first woman to travel to the moon. That is why she is doing the experiments. But Miss Wifi is colour blind, and that's a bit of a problem. If you can't see colours, you can't become a cosmonaut. Her assistant Koebrev has an idea...

This will be a family day for children aged from 4 to 9 years old and their curious parents. Come along and experiment to your heart's content in the Boesdaalhoeve laboratory.

After every presentation

Getting creative with concrete
Working with hobby concrete and empty carton packaging to create your own personal tea light holder! And why not personalise it with some cool stickers?

Game to calm your nerves

Make your own robot and try it out straight away.


All-scrap laboratory
During this research workshop you will have the opportunity to take small items of electrical waste apart. Can you find a working engine? A particle that gives light? The treasures we find will be used to make something new!


Discover the world of drones
Fun activities to teach you more about drones: a wind-swept experience that even the youngest children can enjoy! During this workshop, older children will even be able to control a drone.

Have a go at working in the photo studio
Would you like to be in the picture like a real laboratory chemist? Or would you prefer to be photographed with your own drawing in the background? And then you can go home with your picture on real photo paper.


Grilled ham and cheese sandwich for a quick bite to eat







GC de Boesdaalhoeve - Grote Schuur
Toekomstlaan 32 B
1640 St-Genesius-Rode


  • Basistarief: 9 euro
  • Mini-abonnement 2018-2019 tot -5%: 8,55 euro
  • gezinsbond: 8 euro
  • Midi-abonnement 2018-2019 tot -15%: 7,65 euro
  • Maxi-abonnement 2018-2019 tot -25%: 6,75 euro