Infosessie reanimatie - stikken - verslikken


On Off Stage makes music with everything and everyone. Join your baby in experimenting with how to m …

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18 Oct

Practising Dutch - Theme: under water

Learning Dutch through play (4 – 9 years)

A reader from the De Horizon non-profit-making organisation uses a kamishibai (Japanese story-book t …

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20 Oct


Welcome to the Community Centre de Boesdaalhoeve, one of ‘de Rand's’ seven such centres.

We offer you a wide-ranging cultural programme near to your home. Music, theatre, films, school plays and exhibitions – something to suit all tastes … It is also the chance to become acquainted with people and associations in your neighbourhood.

You may not know any Dutch or very little but do not let that put you off. Some knowledge of the Dutch language may be required in certain cases but not always. We will be delighted to help anybody keen on learning our language. And our centre is always there when you feel ready to start practising your newly acquired language skills.


Babycafé - Infosessie reanimatie en stikken/verslikken

Accidents happen quickly with (small) children. Unfortunately, suffocation is also a common cause of child accidents. In the information session you will learn how to save a baby from choking. If your child or baby suddenly stops breathing, you should immediately resuscitate them.
18 Oct

Babycafé - Voetreflexologie

Feet contain the reflex points of organs and body parts connected to the rest of your body. Physical relief can be achieved by gently massaging these points.
08 Nov

Sprookjes enzo - De maan in het zand

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Pull on your pyjamas and set off with us to reach the moon, jumping from star to star up to the moon with its calm and peaceful beach, talking sheep, white flamingos,… An interactive show for children aged 1 to 3.
17 Nov

Het Kinderuur - De houthakker van Sinterklaas

Santa Clause is tired of all the plastic toys. In the past, children used to have wooden playthings. Santa sends one of his helpers to look for a large, sturdy oak tree to make some toys. But Santa is not the only one looking for a large oak....
22 Nov

Babycafé - Muziek - Sinterklaas

On Off Stage makes music with everything and everyone. Join your baby in experimenting with how to make music from sounds. Understand your toddler through the language of music and discover your child's inner Mozart. Sing, dance, play ... everything is possible! As long as there is music.
06 Dec