Program - music

Udo - Kerst met Udo

For those of you who fancy an enjoyable mood-enhancing evening, Udo and his top musicians will be playing melancholic melodies, evergreens and classics in a Christmas setting. The songs are given Udo's typical 'personal touch'.
14 Dec
08.00 PM

Guy Swinnen & the ladies - The duet sessions

sold out
With a fist-full of his own classics, together with bold adaptations of his favourite songs, Swinnen shares the stage with the finest voices in Flanders. Four women who bring out the best in him.
13 Feb
08.30 PM

Jean Bosco Safari, Ben Crabbé & band + special guest - Imagine no Lennon

sold out
On December 8, 2020, John Lennon will be celebrating 40 years in 'rock-'n-roll heaven'. An ideal opportunity to pay a tribute to the man, with 'Give peace a chance', 'All you need is love', 'Revolution',… Hits from his Beatle years and solo career.
29 Apr
08.30 PM