Babycafé - Making shower cream ®

Make your own soft, self-foaming shower cream! Join Kristien van Zepura working with healthy, natural, environmentally friendly products. You can take your shower cream back home for the entire family to use, including your baby or toddler!
24 Apr
10.00 AM

Jean Bosco Safari, Ben Crabbé & band + special guest - Imagine no Lennon

On December 8, 2020, John Lennon will be celebrating 40 years in 'rock-'n-roll heaven'. An ideal opportunity to pay a tribute to the man, with 'Give peace a chance', 'All you need is love', 'Revolution',… Hits from his Beatle years and solo career.
29 Apr
08.30 PM

Babycafé - Slotfeest: wandeling

We will take the children for a walk in the neighbourhood and treat everyone to an ice cream! Participation is free of charge.
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12 Jun
10.00 AM

Dutch language immersion for children 4 – 12 years - ...

The school holidays are the perfect time for children to take part in fun activities. For children whose mother tongue is not Dutch, this is also an opportunity to learn and practise the language during the holidays.
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17 Aug
09.00 AM